Photos: Alan Stelzenmuller Words: Luke Sway Walker

This weekend was a hot one. Along with the scorching temperatures, it welcomed Piedmont Drift's 8th annual Tandemania, the local's summer party train to Tandemtown.

Meanwhile, just south of the track, Slammedenuff hosted the Southeast conference of upperclassmen studying Slammology.

We divided up the team to cover the events and aimed to conquer the weekend, let alone, the Summer heatwave in May.

Coming off his win at Round 1 of Spirit JP drift series and driving at Hyperfest, Alex Gold is presumably feeling pretty good, packing a newly added Vortech supercharger under the hood. His latest IG caption reads, "This supercharger rips!"

Tandems getting aggressive on the last corner.

Toyota and BMWs were battling with their bros

BMW bros battling it out

Tandem trains gain a grip of speed coming up then down the hill.

Loving the style of this Soarer

Hang Loose


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