T-Pain ft. Tory Lanez - "Getcha Roll On"

T-Pain, not only is making a scene with his new video #getcharollon, but he’s been breaking onto the drift scene, learning how to send-it with some heavy smokers from the South.

Just last year, he scooped up his own S14 and then attended his first major drift event at Grid Life South. Learning from the best of them, some of Formula Drift’s pros and hometown heroes hopped in his car to show him the basics. It’s no surprise that the initial sensation of drifting sparked up a new hobby for T-pain, but also inspired his new hit song.

It also looks like the drift lessons paid off. Amidst the smoky burnouts, up stage and working the camera, there’s a quick shot of Teddy whipping his S14 into the mix. I’d be hard pressed to find out it wasn’t him, but I’m sure it was him drifting.

You can catch T-Pain drifting to a city near you with his #1UP Tour hitting the streets this Spring.

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Shout out to the drivers featured and whoever made this video possible: