Photos: Luke Sway Walker

Photos: Luke Sway Walker

1. What are your hobbies?

Most of my hobbies involve cars. I'm an instructor for stunt drivers and precision drivers for the movies with a company called Fast Stunts. It's a ton of fun. I also drift as often as I can.

2. Do you have any useless talents?

I can pop my nose, does that count?  I like grossing people out with it, haha.  I'm double jointed so it's fun to freak people out.  I'm pretty artsy when I'm inspired. I used to make 3D sculptures with cardboard boxes, haha.

3. If a guy would like to buy you a drink what should he buy?

I've really been into this Sam Adams beer called Cherry Wheat. It's hard to find though but soooo delicious!

4. What’s your daily driver?

I drive a 2011 Kia Optima as a daily.

5. What turns you on?

The biggest turn on for me is a sense of humor. If you can hold an intelligent conversation and keep me laughing, you're in. I think the worst possible date would be someone dull. Personality is EVERYTHING. I've never dated anyone for their looks. Reel me in with your personality and you'll be the most attractive person in the world, to me.

6. What’s your favorite part of your body?

I think my favorite part of my body is my legs.

7. How did you get you into drifting?

Around 2009, I got my first rwd car, which was a Mazda Miata and learned how to drift. I eventually sold it to buy a Cressida wagon, then I bought an MX83 shell, sold the shell and bought my first 240sx hatchback.

8. What do you drive now?

A 2013 F150 for my tow rig to haul my 1993 S13 240sx Coupe drift car.

9. What is one way a fan can go up to you and not be creep?

Most of my fans aren't creepy. Just come up and introduce yourself.

10. Pancakes or waffles?



11. Flowers or pizza?

PIZZA DUHHH. You can't eat flowers.

12. What was the one thing that you can remember that got you into cars?

Honestly the family. Before I got into anything specific myself, I would go to mini trucker shows with my brother and the family and friendships built by a group of people with a common interest is what drew me in, initially. I remember when I was little, my brother would have me shift for him when we would drive in his Nissan hardbody. Then the first time I drove a manual myself it was just a cool feeling. I was in control. I made the car go without just hitting the gas. Then I learned rev-matching, downshifting, clutchless shifting, and how to heel toe. There was so much more to driving. I could control what gear and how to make the car do what I wanted it to do. Then I learned about drifting and like everyone else, I was hooked.

13. What was it when you drifted for the first time?

I was at a car meet and it started raining. So, all the drift guys asked if I wanted to go drifting. We went behind a warehouse and they taught me how to do my first donut.

14. What do you like on your donuts?

Bacon! Have you ever had donuts with weird things? I had a Butterfinger donut once. Omg. So good.

15. Has any guy ever tried to make fun of you for learning how to drift?

So, this keyboard warrior was giving me crap about drifting. He said women aren't supposed to be in motorsports and should stay at home. But there was no point in arguing. I didn't understand it, but some people just aren't worth the time arguing with. But he was dead set on it. Livid by it. If that's the kind of women he wants then so be it. I'm sure there's someone out there for him.

16. Every time I look at your default photo, I want to eat nachos. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Hahaha, I love chips. My favorite snack. Anything made of potatoes, really.

17. Favorite and worst job you’ve had?

I work as a service advisor at a Hyundai dealership and it's probably pretty high on my list of favorite places I've worked. The worst place I've ever worked has to be the grocery store. Customers were mean and hateful, and the managers were even worse.

18. What is Yolo Drifting about?

In 2011, I hosted my first private drift event, which actually ended up turning into a public event, and ended up being a monthly event for the next three years. I called it Yolo Drift in the beginning since it was never supposed to be more than a goofy name for a private day, but it eventually matured into Southern Hospitality Drift.

19. How can people find you on Social Media?

@Emmaleemuller on everything.

20. Do you have any shout outs?

Shout out to my dad mom and step dad. Smoking Gun Custom Powder Coating, ACC Garage, YAI Racing, Enjuku Racing, Fast Stunts and Precision Drivers Atlanta, and of course, SWAY GEAR.