photos: Thomas Rutherford words: Luke Walker

photos: Thomas Rutherford words: Luke Walker

The annual Simply Clean event is always a great way to end the Drift season for us. The level of quality builds that show up ranks really high in the Southeast car community, matching the level of positive vibes and support to local charities. Enjoy the photos and see you guys at the next one!

Thanks to everybody who came out and represented all the hard work and dedication they put into their passion. Be sure to like the story if you want to see more coverage from us, and tell us what you think about your experience at the show in the comments below. Love and 3 piece on earth.

Simply Clean was established in January 2010 with the intention of being a single organized car meet scheduled for 60 cars and taking place in an Orlando, Florida shopping plaza. The first Simply Clean was a meeting for a niche culture at the time. It showcased the natural evolution from the modification excesses popular with the import culture in previous years to a simpler and cleaner presentation. To everyone’s surprise, over 120 cars attended the inaugural meet despite a brisk temperature of only 36º F. Many traveled from North and South Florida to participate. With the help of Social Media and the growing culture of enthusiasts, this single event idea has become a full blown annual event outgrowing two different venues. Simply Clean continues to grow and is now held in Ormond Beach, Florida.

The idea of Simply Clean from the beginning was to not generalize one specific make or model but to bring together automotive enthusiasts with the same mind-set of modifying a vehicle with simplicity and cleanliness. Our motto, “it’s not a competition” means just that. Cars in attendance are not judged for awards, accolades or the receipt of trophies. 400 cars that are representative of the ideals of Simply Clean culture are hand selected through an online screening process. Every vehicle chosen receives a personal hand crafted acceptance package via mail. The package arrives prior to the event and contains event information, show access and assigned parking details.

In addition to bringing 10,000+ people together for a day of automotive appreciation, we also work with Pathways To Care. Pathways To Care is “a not-for-profit assisted living facility which provides recuperative care to homeless men & women recovering from an acute illness of injury”. In exchange for canned food, water and hygiene products, raffle tickets are given with opportunities to win prizes from an amazing selection from over 30 vendors. Over the past four years Simply Clean has been able to donate more than 2,500 lbs of products for men and women in need.

it’s not a competition.