Photo/Words by: @chrisxsway

Photo/Words by: @chrisxsway

So when we heard about Garrett and his E30 build from our buddy Austin Wolff, it sounded pretty cool. But once we met and saw photos of the progress, it was a no-brainer; we had to start covering his journey. This is no cut and rivet ride, but a completely custom fabricated build we are about to witness. And on top of that, when Garrett’s all finished laying down some paint, he’s wasting no time and already planning a road-trip all throughout and around America. Hell yeah.

Of course there’s quite a range of E30s with wide-body kits, fender flares, and what have you, but there’s a subtle uniqueness in the way Garrett has expanded on the existing contour of the fenders that looks way more aggressive and tight. Given that he’s using the original fenders off the car and approaching it differently than most, you can just tell it’s going to look sexy. Similar to a woman with big butt versus a fit chick in yoga pants, for example. And who wouldn’t prefer the latter? 

Setting up a time and traveling to see Garrett wasn’t a problem since he’s from North Carolina. Once the weekend hit, I jumped at the opportunity to check out his garage. As you would imagine, it’s a two-car garage with just enough space for him to work his car and a few café racers on the side. The weather was hardly cooperating so Garrett kept on grinding as I snapped away, while he filled me in on the inspiration for his build.

Conceptualizing the style of the wide-body transformation, Garrett gravitated towards a wide contour flowing from the top of the fender. Unlike most E30's he opted out of a flat-boxed section protruding from the bodyline of the quarter panel.

I didn’t want to follow the same style as a factory E30 M3 and start from the body line because my car isn’t a M3. I also didn’t want a big flat shelf on the rear...

Cutting the fenders and stretching them to fit the 17x10.5F 17x12R HRE 525s had its challenges. At first, he attempted to stretch them while they were still on the car but it began to pinch the door gap closed. Garrett had to make the decision to cut them completely off to get them positioned in a way so the doors could still swing open. 

As an added detail, he's finishing the inside edge of the fenders with 1/4" steel bars to create a rolled fender look and add back some rigitiy.

I’ve always been a patient person and when I decide I’m going to do something I continue on until I succeed, even after multiple failed attempts.
I’ve always loved HRE wheels and have always wanted a set. The simple fact that they were more rare and older/period correct made it an easy decision.

We noticed the weather was starting to clear up so now was our chance to find a cool spot to shoot outside for some progress pics. The car, as it stands, gets some attention, no doubt about that. 

Garrett couldn't have found a better spot for the time we had this day. He said he's always wanted to shoot down by this old driveway under a tunnel of trees. The sun began to peek through the leaves after a the rainshower, so it nicely added an element to the shots. 

Check back with us next time as we follow along Garret's build steadily approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. As always like, share, subscribe and drop a comment about this story. You can also follow along with Garrett on Instagram via @gsykes91. Until next time.