Photo/Words: Luke Sway Walker

Photo/Words: Luke Sway Walker

We're back with the latest update of Garrett's wide-body E30 build after a short break from the fourth of July festivities. If you saw in Part 1 of the story, he was wrapping up the widening process and fabricating the final shape of the fenders. Now, Garrett takes on massaging the curves with some goode 'ol body filler and a sanding block. So, please excuse our dust, as we take a look at this next installment of Garrett's wide-body build.

I estimated that the fenders are now approximately 125mm wider than stock. Maybe 150 but whos counting? haha.

For some added detail, Garrett repurposed some used wheel well liners from a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. 

Highlights for me would be the metal fabrication, as I enjoyed learning the basics and teaching myself something new.

Garrett seen here solely grinding away in complete solitude is a testament to the saying, "blood, sweat and tears." He's clocked in over 150 hours, at least 30 hours per quarter panel. His vision is coming closer to reality. And that's only half of it. He's spending time outside of the garage to campaign for sponsors to support his next feat, a lap around the U.S. Yes. That's right. Join us next time on the next chapter on this story where we start to get to know a little more about his past, growing up around cars and what drove him to set out on this remarkable journey. And of course, the moment everybody's waiting for– a fresh coat of paint. 

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