Photos: Rion Morse Words: @chrisxsway

Photos: Rion Morse Words: @chrisxsway

Designed by Michael Gywnn

The excitement of the 2015 drift season is filling up the air as many of our friends are unveiling new war paint covered body armor. Of course, it’s just paint and vinyl, but it’s interesting to think how these brightly painted machines channel an aggressive avatar resembling the driver’s alter ego. Dustin Jennette’s new livery, which we’re so honored to present, is nothing short of magnificent and menacing.

Inspired by classic hot-rod style flames and the Japanese interpretation of American style throughout the years, Dustin’s s13 would be something you could see in a spread of Drift Tengoku magazine. This timeless style just seems to work effectively showing off sponsor’s logos and giving the eyes a chance to rest in the negative space. Furthermore, the colors are reminiscent of a throwback San Antonio Spurs' color palette, leaning towards an 90’s urban vibe. We can dig it.

Living in Macon, Georgia and growing up closely with his dad, Dustin adopted the love of hot-rodding and painting flames. Much like his team name, “Two Bo Racing,” is the simply a way of saying “Two Boy Racing” with a southern draw.

Cosmis Racing Wheels jumped on board this season, providing a new set of XT-006Rs that look super clean and aggressive.

StickerShark, a longtime sponsor and close friend of Dustin, came through with the vinyl and turned this car around just in time for the OSW/SGMP “Takeover” Event this past few weeks for it’s debut and shakedown day.

So far, it seems like the car is becoming well received as more photos are surfacing the internets. Enjoy this set shot by our friend Rion Morse. And stay tuned for the next installment of this feature as we learn more about Dustin’s stories of growing up with hot-rods, falling in love with drifting, dealing with haters, as usual and his plans for this year’s drift season. Like, comment and check out the links below to stay up on Dustin’s social media updates. Until next time!

Build Specs:

Owner: Dustin Jennette

Year Make Model: 1990 Nissan 240sx

LS1 Swap

Fortune Auto Coilovers

Isis Suspension Components

Cosmis Racing Wheels XT-006R

FD Spec Roll Cage

Recaro Racing Seats

Mishimoto Automotive cooling products

FD Spec Fuel Cell

Origin Over Fenders

Z32 Brakes

ASD Hydraulic E-brake

Sponsors: Sway Gear, StickerSharkCosmis Racing Wheels, Lieu's Peking Restaurant, Mishimoto Automotive


Social Media:

Instagram Username: @dustin_jennette

Facebook Page: /dustin.jennette

Youtube Channel: /dustinjennette


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Shout outs/Thanks:

Thank you to my awesome parents that support me in everything I do. Thank you to all my amazing friends, without them I would never make it to the track. Thank you to my incredible girlfriend that not only puts up with my hobby but supports me to go after my passion and wants to be there along for the ride. Thanks to all of my sponsors and partners for believing in my program and supporting me.