Photos/Words: @chrisxsway

Photos/Words: @chrisxsway

You may be asking yourself, why are we seeing a car feature in the middle of Spring with golden brown leaves scattered on the scenery? We'll get to that in a minute. 

So, when we first met Trey from Hood Status Clothing, he was already down to collab, and we couldn't be more pleased. I thought it was going to be tough adjusting to NC. Moving away from Florida and being welcomed by the local crews truly made us felt at like we never left. But it wasn't until we began to see all the green and golden leaves change color, to really appreciate this beautiful new chapter in our new home, North Carolina.

Trey, a Greensboro native, showed us around and led us to this nice park with overarching trees sprinkling their brown leaves onto the road. It worked out perfectly. The subtle golden brown hues complimented Trey's custom gold painted Kranze LXZs.

Staying true to the Hood Status quo, it's very visible that Trey daily drives his car every day and isn't afraid to embrace its dents, scratches and bruises. Similarly, when the leaves fall and beautifully cover the ground momentarily upon their death, their remains add more character to the "canvas" and more life to the landscape.

We wish to share with you more of Trey's story and how his build came together in Part 2 of our feature. So stay tuned. As for now, enjoy a look back into last Fall with the following photos of this beast before it goes into hibernation.



Year Make Model:

1991 Nissan 240sx Coupe



Rocket bunny  Front Fenders, Bumpers, and Wing

Pinched Origin 50mm Rear Over Fenders

Wrapped in Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Silvia Brick Headlights

Circuit Sport Clear Corner Lights

Functional Hood Vents

Circuit Sport LED Tail Lights



D2 Coilovers {with a collar removed)

Godspeed RUCA’s, Tension and Traction Arms.

Welded LSD



18x10.5 et -6 and 18x12.5 et-32 Weds Kranze LXZs  

Custom Pagan Fold and Rainbow Flake Paint

Front: 235/40/18 Rear: 255/40/18 Tires

Sick Speed Neo Chrome Lug Nuts and Spikes



Dirt Track Racing Seat

Schroth 3 Point Racing Harnesses

Custom Floral Interior

2 Licker 12in Kicker CVR with 1200 watt amp



Exotics Inc, HoodStatus Clothing and Goods, Qfab


Shout outs / Thanks:

I wanna give a shout to God first and foremost. Without him … I would be nothing. I wanna thank my parents for not discouraging my build. My family … stay strong! I wanna thank my love Adriane Campbell, she is the backbone of Hood Status and puts up with my sh*t. Wanna thank My Exotics Inc. fam, especially George. Chris Butler… …you showed me option video’s back in 2001….this is all your Milton Underdue… you have no clue how much I treasure you. (no homo) you’re my pnc, mechanic, road dawg, etc ... Rodney Pilson ... for those cold nights and hot nights in your garage or at Exotics and being there in my life. My brother… you taught me to always be me and to love myself. Hugh Randall and Aaron Austin ... you’ve been with me in this build since the beginning thanks again. Harry Vogel … keep it clean ... always … thanks for that tip. Big Vince and lil Vince and the Moore family, as well as my Danville family … just because y’all are awesome . Uncle Dan ... THE F*CKING MAN, every black guy needs a white uncle from New Jersey … My Royal Republic Crew … y’all slow down … I’m trying to catch up. BALLAS! lol. NcStancehouse, but especially Greg Larson … you get me . Thanks for listening to me when I need for someone just to listen and testing my knowledge, as well as teaching me some sh*t. Eddie Piyoukoun and Ben Lewellen. Love y’all. Michael Rabe ... ninja got the most comfortable pillows in the guest room..Your my bro. Marc Davis ... for understanding the struggle. Frosty And Tee … for making sure I don’t forget that I’m just a average guy and having my back no matter what. Merf and Sierra … my female besties. Deawnne Buckmire ... for also understanding the struggle, keeping me laughing and hip to the new new. Tim Blake and Adam for the awesome vids. Shawn Dallas for making my car look amazing in pics over the years and making me :E-Famous”. Zebb from ISO … for listening to my random complaints in life. Infamous Society ... My ATL Fam. I love y’all. BMF Clique … you know who you are … and we brethren to the end. my Wilkesboro fam and Stancelyfe fam. Boulware, Derez, Josh, James and Joseph Chambers, Brandon, Lil Legs, Keifer, Tick, Lil Don, Carlos, Mike Nun, Sport, the Mclaughlin twins, Stan, John Maykrantz from Sikky , Jeff Johnson, Tim, Jeff Raber, Jeff Ledofrd, Lavar, Barry Macon Ricky and Ant ... y’all made my childhood magical. My A&T fam, Rush, Dre, Malik, Hook, Tarrick, Jay Grandy, Tzone, Don, Ill, Shakar, Flick, Bread (RIP), Kay, Miyute, Lil Chris, Bent, Preme, Energy, Nowgod, Masta, Serine, Kwagi,Tim White, Jamal and Ross. Shout out to my VA, MD, DE, PA, SC, and FL fam, Branson Schwartz, Brad Heyl, James Evans, Rapper Dan, Graham Savage, Mike Ruppert, Marc Neron, Lee Alexander and Shankle! Mike Pollack, Tyler Clayton, James William Ruppert, Andy Saviatisensei, Jesus Conde, Eric Amos, Rodd Becker, Kris Hackenson, Simba Nyemba, Kei Miura, Nick at Touge Factory, Malcom Cameron, Bryan da boss, Trell, Elijah Wright, Eddie Lexis King, Mike Malone, Mitch , Raymond Hargrove, Tommy Suel, Oth Bax, Hertrech Eugene Jr, Robert Ward. Special shout out to Frank the Violator , Justin raper, and Craig Cole. I miss y’all everyday. I love you. R.I.P

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