After a long season of Streetwise Drift, we finally got a chance to catch up with our good friend Kelsey Rowlings. She's a force to be reckoned with on the track, finishing 4th place overall in the series. Besting some of the best up-and-comers on the east coast, we wanted to get to know what exactly is her secret. But before we get to the nitty gritty, I thought it would be fun to do a little photoshoot and a quick round 20 questions.

With the drifting season coming to a close, everybody's finally taking time to wind down and enjoy the holidays. Again, that's not the case for some drivers in Florida. Before the smoke even has time to settle for Orlando native, Kelsey Rowlings, is gearing up for another drift event to fine-tune her skills. Recently, the newest Pro-Am championship series held at Three Palms Speedway has just opened up, so Kelsey doesn't plan on taking any time off. She did get a break from tuning her suspension and graciously let us fire away some questions in her garage. 

1. How did you get hooked on drifting?

The very first time I saw a video of drifting I was hooked and couldn't wait to try it.

2. What was your first car like?

My first car was a completely stock black 1997 240sx. Very clean.. With a very open diff...

3. What other hobbies do you enjoy?

Horseback riding, Art, and Music

4. Favorite movie of all time? 

Tough one... Probably How to Train Your Dragon or 21 Jump Street.

5. Which pro-driver you would like to battle?

Robbie Nishida

6. Puppies or kittens?


7. Tattoos or beards?

Tattoos... or both... lol

8. What is the creepiest thing a guy has said to impress you?

It would be really hard to narrow this down to just one thing....

9. Perfect idea of a first date?


10. What are you doing tonight?

Getting the car ready for my next event and then hopefully something fun!

11. Favorite track you'd like to visit? 

Nürburgring or Ebisu

12. What is an embarrassing moment you’ve had?

It would probably be one of the many times I just stupidly stall my car. Those times when I just forget I'm in gear and lift my foot off the clutch. Don't lie, you've done it too!

13. Hardest thing you’ve had to overcome? 

The hardest thing I have had to and still have to overcome is my autoimmune disease. Being told you have an incurable disease is hard to accept, and the symptoms affect my daily life, but giving up is never an option!

14. What’s your most guilty pleasure?

Cinnabon. I'm addicted to Cinnabon... and eating in general.

15. What's your dream car?

I have always loved FD RX7s, but I wouldn't mind having a GT3 either... I have too many dream cars to just choose one.

16. What are you most thankful for this year?

I'm really thankful for the support of my friends, family and sponsors. I would be nowhere without them.

17. What trends do you wish would die next year?

Honestly, I'd really like to see the over-the-top, ridiculous camber trend die. I'm all for good fitment and “stance,” but some people take it wayyyy too far. I enjoy drivability.

18. After this photo shoot where would you go to do bad things with carbs?

Carbs as in carburetors? Or as in food? lol.

19. Any new year's resolutions?

If I were to do the resolution thing, I would say my resolution would be to drive better lol.

20. How do you describe drifting in 3 words? 

Sketchy, sideways, fun!

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IG: @kelseyrowlings

Age: 25

Birthday: March 28

Nationality: Caucasian mutt 

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Occupation: Server

Achievements: 4th Place Overall Finish in Streetwise Drift Pro-Am 2014

Shout outs/ Sponsors/ Thanks:

Turbo by Garrett


Falken Tire

BC Racing NA

ACT Clutch

SPL Parts


Torco Racing Fuels



Expert Car Care


Double-Down Media 



Rack Doctor

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Orlando Brewing

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