WEKFEST MIAMI - South Beach Elites

Photos/Words: @chris_x_sway

Photos/Words: @chris_x_sway

I've always wanted to attend a WEKFEST show, and since I was heading back down to South Florida for the holidays, I had to put on my schedule. Despite recently moving to North Carolina and braving the cold temperatures, this floridian was ready to enjoy some sunny weather and slammed cars in South Beach.

Since my last visit to the Miami Convention Center, the last thing I remember was the dark and loud atmosphere of Hot Import Nights back in the day. Quite the contrary, this show was much more low key and the focus was solely on the hand-selected, quality cars. It truly felt like a prestigious art exhibit curated from a highly regarded artist in Wynwood, minus the wine and cheese. Although wouldn't have mind that at all. Ravi from V2Lab and I humored about the idea of making a car show that is invite only, where servers walk around handing out champagne, and everybody leaves their cameras at the door. Extra douchey. But all jokes aside, it was about time I peruse the isles and appreciate all that the East Coast elites have to offer at this year's WEKFEST Miami. Enjoy the photos and happy holidays!

Ping definitely had the freshest s13 at the show. It just came out of the paint booth bout a week ago...

I'll admit it, I'll admit it...

The bodywork on this Lexus was definitely on point.

Mini Cooper, Mass Appeal

OMG - Original Muthfu*king Gangsta

What's 911 + 1552? Answer...

Respect to this relic right here...

This beast was awarded "Best of Show"

And that's a wrap... See what I did there?

Thanks to everybody who came out and represented all the hard work and dedication they put into their passion. Be sure to like the story if you want to see more coverage from us, and tell us what you think about your experience at the show in the comments below. Love and 3 piece on earth.

The WEKFEST USA tour has been regarded by many as one of the best automotive events across the United States. Founded in 2009 at our first event in Japantown, San Francisco, WEKFEST is now a cross country tour with additional stops in Texas, Hawaii, New York, and Los Angeles.

All vehicles participating are accepting by the process of screening to ensure quality is represented at all events. This process is our principal, along with our desire to provide a positive atmosphere to the community, is our most important focus.

Our preference is to also provide an event with a variety of different makes and types of vehicles. The WEKFEST goal is to provide an event where all visitors can appreciate and enjoy the simplicity and yet importance of a gathering of those with a common interest.