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Sure, Wide Not? Garrett's Wide-Body E30 - Part 2

We're back with the latest update of Garrett's wide-body E30 build after a short break from the fourth of July festivities. If you saw in Part 1 of the story, he was wrapping up the widening process and fabricating the final shape of the fenders. Now, Garrett takes on massaging the curves with some goode ole body filler and a sanding block. So, please excuse our dust, as we take a look at this next installment of Garrett's wide-body build.

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Two Bo Racing’s Dustin Jennette - New Livery

The excitement of the 2015 drift season is filling up the air as many of our friends are unveiling new war paint covered body armor. Of course, it’s just paint and vinyl, but it’s interesting to think how these brightly painted machines channel an aggressive avatar resembling the driver’s alter ego. Dustin Jennette’s new livery, which we’re so honored to present, is nothing short of magnificent and menacing.

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BAEWATCH: Ryan Gruber's 350Z

While others are battening down the hatches and getting ready for winter, the sunshine state is still soaking up in the sun. It isn't news that the south lacks major changes in climate, but recently, it is arguably changing up the game in the car and drifting community. Serving as a barometer, the sixth annual Simply Clean event, displayed the latest heat wave of heavy hitters, and we have the exclusive honor to feature one of them, for our first feature car story.

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