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Sure, Wide Not? Garrett's Wide-Body E30 - Part 2

We're back with the latest update of Garrett's wide-body E30 build after a short break from the fourth of July festivities. If you saw in Part 1 of the story, he was wrapping up the widening process and fabricating the final shape of the fenders. Now, Garrett takes on massaging the curves with some goode ole body filler and a sanding block. So, please excuse our dust, as we take a look at this next installment of Garrett's wide-body build.

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So when we heard about Garrett and his E30 build from our buddy Austin Wolff, it sounded pretty cool. But once we met and saw photos of the progress, it was a no-brainer; we had to start covering his journey. This is no cut and rivet ride, but a completely custom fabricated build we are about to witness. And on top of that, when Garrett’s all finished laying down some paint, he’s wasting no time and already planning a road-trip all throughout and around America. Hell yeah.

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